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Sunbury wedding, elopement  and lifestyle photographer



I’m Fiona.

I   L O V E   taking photographs of couples and families.  


My approach is to document you as you are, the love and connection.   NO awkward poses, less stress and of course a beautiful smile goes a long way with me.  I am about helping you to relax and just be yourselves in front of the camera you can be as crazy or as calm as you like ~ remember life is too short to be ordinary!

If you love the natural, candid documentary style of photography ~ then we need to chat!

Want to check out some of my work?


Click here for my family portfolio or here for my wedding + elopement portfolio.

Let's start working on your love story ....






You are engaged ~ congratulations!

You have found that one person in the whole world that you want to spend the rest of your life with ~ that is pretty powerful.

You are now in the midst planning your wedding and that is exciting.  You get to plan a day where you celebrate your love for each other with all your favourite people.


You are now looking for a photographer who is real and good at what they do.  

  • You are looking for someone who can capture the "real you".

  • Someone who can help you both to relax.  

  • Someone you will let you be yourselves.

  • Someone who loves to capture natural, unposed and candid photographs.


If you said "yes" to the above, and you think we would get along and can imagine us being friends ~ then we need to chat because remember ​​​life is too short to be ordinary!

Celebrate the everyday

I aim is to create beautiful photos that celebrate your everyday.  To document your life as it really is - not with props or fake smiles ~ I shoot in candid natural light with minimal guided position..

Almost with every family I have photographed there has been at least one member that says they don't like being in front of the camera.   Guess what?  They aren't the only one ~ however, these people have thanked me at the end of the session and said they actually enjoyed their time and forgot I was there taking photos.  This is because I don't ask you to "fake" smile, you smile because you want too.  It’s because there is no performance.  With my unobtrusive approach real personalities shine through ~ especially the children!

I believe that photographs of ourselves are not for us they are for the people who love us.   They are for your kids, your kid's kids and their kids and so on ...... it helps them to learn more about their heritage and who made them who they are today. 

I'm also glad you are here and I believe that I can offer you something special ..... SO let's start working on story today!


Let’s get social .......

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