My name is Fiona and I am a Sunbury based wedding and lifestyle photographer.


Originally from north east Victoria, I moved to Melbourne in 1988 for work ... now making a career as a photographer.  


My approach is to document you as you are, the love and connection.  I am about helping you both to relax and just be yourselves in front of the camera.   My unobtrusive and relaxed approach allows me to capture your perfect moments in style ~ the moments that are genuine, pure and speak honestly.  

I feel so honoured to have captured the weddings and families that I have and the friendships that I have made along the way.... in saying this, I look forward to continuing building friendships in new places, no matter where life takes my business!

You see, your photographs are for you now, but just not you.... the images of you and your loved ones are for your kids, your kid's kids and their kids and so on ...... it helps them know more about their heritage and who made them who they are today.  ​    


I'm also glad you're here and I believe that I can offer you something special ..... SO let's start working on YOUR love story today!

Finally, in no particular order I am also quite fond of:

  • the smell of rain;

  • being a mum;

  • pugs;

  • the ocean or water of any kind;

  • sunrises or sunsets;

  • BBQ's;

  • coffee; and

  • wine .... oh and did I mention ...

  • PUGS


EMAIL:  fiona@nikkobluephotography.com